The Story Behind Espresso Bear

Espresso Bear is all about coffee and espresso. Here one can find a connection between coffee and reality. This connection keeps us grounded and comforted.

Many people do not know the ins and outs of espresso and might even have expensive machines without knowing how to work them properly. Espresso Bear explores the world of espresso machines, bottomless portafilters, espresso beans, storage techniques, coffee recipes, and everything espresso. We are providing knowledge and content based on past experience and new experiences.

Come along our espresso journey and drink up like Beethoven. Be it his 60 bean recipe with his coffee bean apparatus or your home setup. We want you to be a part of this exciting time of micro-roasteries.


The important part is to know everyone has their preferences because everyone has a different palette. I tend to lean toward darker roasts as I have found them to be more forgiving for at-home espresso and tend to be more chocolatey. That said, I also have had some fantastic medium roasts and blends that produce unique flavor profiles and ultimately became some of my favorites.

Long table at the cafe