Cafe Grumpy Coffee Review


Cafe Grumpy is in Brooklyn, NY. Women-owned and founded in 2005. Cafe Grumpy has been sourcing coffee and roasting in-house. Being involved in the roasting is what makes some Cafes so successful.

Thank you Caroline and Chris for the exciting opportunity of trying your coffee beans in my espresso!

Cafe Grumpy roasted in Brooklyn bird

The Review

Something I instantly love about Cafe Grumpy is the packaging, name, and logo. I am not a morning person until I have my coffee and something about the grumpy face on my coffee resonates with me.

Cafe Grumpy has certified Q Graders on the team and can produce some consistent and delicious coffee roasts that are also coming from responsible producers.


Cafe Grumpy package and lineup

Espresso and Beans

Previously I mentioned I loved the packaging. To me, the logo shows how one can be grumpy before drinking coffee and “turning that frown upside down.” Another theory is that it is the typical grumpy New Yorker.

What I like about Cafe Grumpy how easy it is to find coffee that you may enjoy with their buying guide. 

Using this guide to find the “Hearterbreaker” roast they sent me made me even more excited to try it! Based on their recommendation, this is a dependable coffee blend for everyday use, so do not let the name scare you.

Cafe Grumpy has a similar mentality about the importance of drinking what you want and not being tied down to one roast. I prefer darker roasts, but I also have incredible medium and light roasts!

I got nearly dialed into this roast on my first try. The flavor is incredible, with brown sugar (also described as amaretto), berry, and dark chocolate hints. My general pull here was around 20g in and 40g out.

Price: $20/lb

Score: 9.5/10



Heartbreaker Cafe Grumpy espresso

Final Thoughts and Verdict

This unique blend tastes incredible. Cafe Grumpy would be a familiar spot for me if I had a location nearby. Cafe’s that roast in-house produce stellar espresso and free fantastic smells.

One tip for anyone who tries their coffee is that the bags they come in require a little more care when opening. They tear easily, and I would like others to avoid any spillage.

Cafe Grumpy will be on my to-stop list if I am in town! Thank you again for the sips and smells!

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