Collagen and Coffee


Read below to learn about collagen and its benefits and how you can change your morning routine to be more healthy.

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What is Collagen?

Collagen is found abundantly in the body, especially in skin and bone tissue, and is the main protein for all of our connective tissues. Collagen can help with skin elasticity and has medical uses.

Is Collagen good for you?

This study showed that taking it as a supplement can make bones denser and, in other words, keep you looking young because of the skin benefits. Great skin hydration and elasticity are enough to sign up most people looking for the fountain of youth.

Collagen peptide container
Collagen peptides in glass before espresso coffee

The Coffee and Collagen Combo

To get the benefits of collagen, people will take it in pill form and eat collagen-rich foods. Those foods include fish, berries, garlic, eggs, and others. Some people will add them to smoothies or baked goods like cookies. Many do not know how wonderfully it fits together with coffee.

When I first started taking collagen peptides, it was recommended by a family member that I add it to my coffee. What a great idea, I could not taste the difference!

Adding this to my morning espresso routine ensures I get my health benefits and my caffeine fix in one go. It will also make it less likely to skip out on collagen because I will not go a day without my coffee.

Where to get Collagen

If you want to add collagen to your coffee, you need powdered collagen peptides. This is the most convenient since it will allow you to add a scoop as needed if you are looking to add it to your espresso like me. I drink a lot of lattes and find it is best to add the collagen to the espresso and mix it in before adding the milk. I recommend getting a brand that provides a tasteless and odorless collagen peptide as I have heard some of the flavored options can be not good. I also do not want to ruin the natural flavor of my espresso.

Norbert Koput

Norbert Koput

I created Espresso Bear to share what I have learned about espresso to help others get that morning feeling that keeps us grounded and comforted.

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