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Fable Coffee is a woman-owned and roasted coffee roasting company based in Northern California and ships nationwide. Fable loves to bring people together around coffee and has multiple coffee bars in Nevada County, California, to fulfill that goal.

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The Review

Before checking out the review, make sure you know what kind of preferences I already have. I do my best to avoid bias in reviews, but feel free to check our bit on “flavors” on our about page.



Fable Coffee Cafe in Nevada City, California

They are famed for their “Fable Espresso” blend. It is a popular choice for straight espresso with caramel, red apple, and chocolate notes. It is no surprise the Fable team sent this over for review.


Espresso and Beans

It took me a handful of attempts to get dialed in, but since I am on a new setup, I think it will improve over time as I get more experienced. This espresso blend is primarily a medium roast. It smells lovely and has deeper bark aromas. It did not bite as much as I expected for a medium roast. I was getting the bitterness profile of red apple and citrus, which is sometimes difficult to describe. The sweetness profile was light caramel, with some dark chocolate notes.

Price: $25/lb

Score: 9.2/10


Fable Coffee Espresso blend

Final Thoughts and Verdict

I would recommend this to anyone who regularly drinks straight espresso. The flavor profiles were sophisticated and enjoyable in straight espresso. I would even say refreshing. That said, this blend was just as delicious in my regularly drank whole milk lattes.

California might end up building a reputation for Espresso as it does with wine!

All the best,

Espresso Bear

If are interested in learning more about Fable Coffee or want to purchase some coffee, click here.

Norbert Koput

Norbert Koput

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