Sette 270 Unboxing and Review


Learn about our unboxing, first impressions, and review of the Baratza Sette 270 espresso bean grinder.

Baratza Sette 270 assembled
Baratza Sette 270 box

What is the Sette 270?

The Sette 270 is a popular coffee grinder from Baratza with high speed and consistent output. With 1.2K Google reviews averaging a 4.6/5, this is a popular espresso enthusiast choice.

The Unboxing

My first impression is the sleek design of the Sette 270 can fit comfortably into most setups and designated coffee spaces. The size allow the machine to be tucked into a corner or added to a cart and look good.

The Sette 270 from Barazta packs a punch with many exact adjustments available and easily programmable settings to ease dialing in some new beans or new espresso machine setup.

One of the negatives on this machine is the noise that comes with a high torque motor, but this is the price you pay for a consistent grinder. Also, I do not think many expect a low noise level when grinding beans. The optimistic can view this noise as a quick supplemental “wake me up” to their morning caffeine fix.

Baratza Sette 270 unboxing
Baratza Sette 270 unboxing with cat in the box
Espresso home setup with Sette 270 and Breville Bambino

My First Use and Issue

I filled up the machine with Beans and started a manual grind. The noise was not unexpected as I have read about some complaints about the noise. The noise is comparable to a blender that I use often on mornings when I want to make a healthy green drink.

I decided to adjust the lip holder to grind directly into my portafilter. As the grind came down the chute, it was also going all over my kitchen counter! I also noticed it was sticking to the tip of the chute on the way out.

The Fix

After further research, I determined my incredibly dry apartment paired with dry beans made for some unwanted static electricity.

I found out that the RDT (Ross Droplet Technique) method to grinding beans solved my issue! It is an easy fix if you are in an arid area and have this static issue. The workaround is to give your beans a spritz and spray before grinding, or if you are like me and do not have a fancy spray bottle, wet a finger and give your beans a spin in the hopper. Another option is to wet a spoon and use that spoon to scoop the beans when you scale them out for single doses. The key is to provide an even distribution of moisture.

Another problem after using this grinder is that it refused to light up and work after two days. I found what was wrong with the machine within 10min of looking online due to how easy the “fix it yourself” guides were from the Baratza team. I also reached out to them directly, and since it was such a new machine and such a rare problem to have on a new machine, they immediately replaced it for me. I thought the customer service was incredibly professional and helpful.


At an MSRP of $400, at least in the Chicago area, this can be pricey for some. 

Another option is to get a Sette 30, which is very similar except less recommended as it has less grind setting. One can use the Sette 30 and then has the option to upgrade with  Sette 270 burrs if needed. I think the Sette 30 is better for those using a pressurizing gasket instead of the sworn by bottomless portafilter because a tuned finer grind is unnecessary.

If you do not know which one you have, here are some pictures.

What kind of Portafilter and Basket do I have?

If you do not know which one you have, reference the picture with a portafilter that comes standard with most Breville machines and one that is not.

You will notice that the bottom is covered on the right one, and the left one is uncovered, hence “bottomless portafilter.”

Taking a closer look at the basket of the right one, it only has one small exit through the middle, making this a pressurized basket.

We recommend having a much finer grind on a bottomless and non-pressurized basket setup we have on the left vs. the pressurized basket on the right.

If you decide to upgrade, the burrs fit right into the 30 and will work just like the Sette 270. The only problem here is your total money spent will come out to around the same thing as it would if you just purchased a Sette 270, to begin with.

Bottomless portafilter vs regular portafilter
Top of pressurized espresso filter
Bottom of pressurized espresso filter

Buying Tips

Some ways to save money here are keeping a hawk’s eye on the Baratza website and purchasing a refurb model if one comes on sale. This is an excellent option as these grinders come at about a 25% off discount and a year-long warranty.

I ended up finding and using a coupon to purchase one from a roastery/cafe. Happy shopping and stay caffeinated.

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