What is the Correct way to Store Espresso Beans?


Read below for all the ways you should store your beloved espresso and different methods of doing so.

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Good espresso bean storage is the key to a great and fresh flavor. Some people treat espresso bean storage like they would storage of espresso k cups, but I am here to tell you how easy it is to store them correctly. Also, if we all use espresso beans over k cups, we can have a positive environmental impact.

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Avoid Overbuying

The key to espresso bean storage is to order in smaller amounts or amounts that do not last longer than a few weeks, but typically keeping a month’s supply tends to be the sweet spot. This means avoiding purchasing a gigantic supply all at once when on sale.

Do not worry if you cannot avoid purchasing many beans or resist a good espresso bean sale. There are some helpful storage tips further down.

Empty air-tight glass jar

Air-tight Container

Once the seal is broken on the original air-tight package your beans arrived in, it is time to move the remainder of them. One of the best options is storing espresso beans in an air-tight container such as a jar in a dark and out of sunlight spot. Avoiding a hot and humid place is also recommended. This included keeping them away from the stove, toaster, or whatever kind of heat sources you have in your kitchen.

Many will recommend that using an opaque jar for storage is the only way, but many air-tight containers exist. Although ones that prevent the bean’s exposure to light may be the best option, it is hard to pass up on grabbing some beautiful jars from HomeGoods or elsewhere. Beauty is the main reason we recommend just getting your most appealing jar or container and keeping them out of sunlight, even though this picture shows sunlight exposure.

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A common misconception is that you should be keeping your beans in the refrigerator, but doing so has consequences since the beans are hygroscopic. Said another way, espresso beans absorb any moisture from the air. Each time the beans are moved from and back into the fridge, they can get damp and be exposed to other foods, likely changing the flavor for the worse. Although not recommended, it is still a valid method of storing espresso beans.

If this option is chosen, you should double-check that the container you are using is air-tight and that you transfer them quickly out of and into the fridge.

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Another option is to ensure the beans are in an air-tight bag or container and freeze them. Freezing espresso beans will lock in the flavor and allow individuals to take small amounts as needed.

Like refrigerating, something to consider is how quickly to remove or take the amount required to reduce any dampness or impact on the other beans’ flavor.

Espresso Bean Storage

Storage is vital when you have an ample supply to get the most out of your favorite espresso beans. Storage should not be something to stress out about as long as you have an air-tight container and do not plan to have them out for longer than a month.

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