Why get an Espresso Machine?


Read below for all the reasons to buy an espresso machine that can save you money, time, and a quick way to get your espresso fix.

Breville bambino with froth pitcher
Milky latte made with Breville bambino

Saving Money

An espresso machine can be an investment, but it can save some serious dough if you are an espresso lover. Let’s do some potato math.

365 days x $5 coffee = $1,825 annually

If you bought one espresso or, let’s say, a latte for $5 every single day, you would have spent $1,825 in one year! Although an espresso machine is typically a high upfront cost, you can get your money back quickly by making some homebrews.


Saving Time

Having this homebrew lets you skip the line at the café to get your morning fix. You also do not use additional waste that comes with buying your coffee. No coffee cups, lids, and plastic stirrers go into landfills. For those like single-serve pods, you will no longer feel the guilt of hurting the environment with excess waste.

Sip in your favorite at-home mug or espresso cup, or if you are in a rush, a to-go mug for work.


Trophy Piece

A coffee station can fill an empty spot in or near the kitchen to add some “barista pop” at home. This designated espresso machine area can come in all shapes and sizes, but what is significant is how beautiful the entire setup can look at home.

Many people love to have this kind of “trophy piece” in the kitchen, especially to show off to friends and family.


Be a Barista

Besides showing off, you can be a barista! People love coffee and will love talking about the setup as you fix your favorite espresso drinks for your favorite people. Fix a wake me up in the morning or an espresso shot in the afternoon to keep the party going and awake.

Besides being a barista when friends and family visit, you can get a lot of practice being a barista every day. Although making coffee with a machine can be intimidating, not too much goes into it. The most important parts are getting your favorite beans and milk for those who like to make a latte, cappuccino, flat white, cortado, etc. It can be fun to attempt some latte art.

Espresso Machines

Save money, time, and be sustainable. Look into getting your fix with a homebrew espresso machine and being a barista.

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